New Canister Designs

Cookie jars and canister sets made using slip glazes tend to be monochrome in color. Neutral tones for walls, floors and cabinets are now used when decorating modern kitchens. Color in the kitchen is expected to come from items on the shelves and counters. The older, rustic look of pottery needs to be updated to fit into this new trend. These pieces generally have a sentimental value and should not be discarded. Glazed pottery can be painted to create the perfect look for any modern kitchen.

There are several ways to redecorate glazed pottery pieces. The glaze on the pot looks glassy because firing turns the components of the glaze into a hard glass coating. Any paint that can be used on glass is acceptable for updating these pieces. Bright colors can be applied with a brush, sponge or by hand to create a new look. Acrylic paints dry quickly and allow a wide range of colors to be used. Basic colors can be mixed together to make new colors or tints for the perfect combination to match other pieces in the room.

Patterns are an excellent way to create a new look during the painting process. If a complete canister set is being updated, the basic pattern should be the same for the entire set. A cookie jar that has the same shape as the canister set can also be decorated with identical colors and patterns. When placed in a different area of the room, it ties the entire design together with just a few pieces.

Decorating this way may be overwhelming for those with little spare time or painting experience. A set of custom glass transfers or glass decals can be ordered online. For those who choose not to spend time creating their own design, there are also many artful decals available. There is a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They can be applied quickly and easily. This method requires no knowledge of painting or pottery. It takes only a few minutes to create an entirely new look for a cherished set of canisters or a well-loved cookie jar.