Decorative Ceramic Bowls

One of the easiest forms of ceramics to create is a bowl. It takes an experienced artist only a few minutes to make the basic shape out of clay on a pottery wheel. The size and shape of the bowl may vary, but a basic bowl is round and can hold a liquid substance. Once dried and fired, it can be decorated in an infinite variety of ways. Decoration is dependent on the artist’s vision for the final product and where it will be displayed or how it will be used.

Many ceramic bowls are used as display pieces in living areas of the home. They can be filled with objects or left empty. The decoration may be a simple glaze, or a complex pattern of colors and textures. Slip glazes of various colors can be used to create simple or intricate patterns. Texture alone can be its own decoration. A large bowl with a spiral texture and a metallic glaze is just one example of a beautiful addition to a living area.

Patterns on ceramics bowls are a way to introduce color and draw the eye. Colors can be bold or lines can be thick and strong to attract attention. When texture is used, colored glazes can either mute or highlight them for the desired look. There are many variations for the artist to use when creating a work of art that will be cherished for many years.

Not all bowls are decorated by artists. Some of them are made in large batches and left plain for home hobbyists to create their own look. Using ceramic transfers and ceramic decals is a fast and easy way to achieve an artistic look to one of these pieces. They require very little time to apply and will last for years. This method ensures the colors will match with other pieces already in place and gives the homeowner the perfect art for their space.